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Active Learning

in Biomedical Engineering Education

Some Questions

  • What is the best way to integrate online material with active-learning and hands-on building in large classes?

  • What equipment should a biomedical engineering maker space have and what should a biomedical engineering design studio do?

  • What is the ideal project or hands-on demonstration to introduce students to biomedical engineering design skills?

  • What is the best biomedical engineering curriculum?

Some Interests

Front Burner

  • Measuring the psychophysiological response of students engaged in active learning

  • Creation of an open-source, low-cost, adaptable platform that allows students to measure their own physiological signals in a way that promotes hands-on design experiences in large, small, or online courses

Back Burners

  • Teaching cardiovascular physiology from an engineering perspective (E,g,: what is the best design to augment cardiac output? Can waves created by the heart identify cardiovascular disease? What is the best way to let people experience realistic heart function interactively?)

  • Teaching hands-on building by recreating historical medical/scientific instruments with low-cost open-source methods

  • Teaching maker skills with banjo or clock-making workshops

  • Teaching dynamics with mini design challenges (E.g., catapults, pinewood derby cars, etc.)

Student Positions

If your interests align with mine, please fill out the form embedded below or navigate to this form online.

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