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Biomedical Engineering Capstone Design

Chris Bouwmeester

PhD PEng


I am an assistant professor, teaching stream in the Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering (IBBME) at the University of Toronto Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. I have a background in mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, and cardiovascular physiology and I have advanced training with mechanical circulatory support devices (e.g., LVADs)

Dean’s Emerging Innovation in Teaching Professor (2018 - 2021)

Technology Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL) Fellow (2018 - 2020)

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Graduate student in Biomedical Engineering

Graduate student in Engineering Education

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Phone: 1-416-978-3702


Biomedical Engineering Capstone Design


Each year senior engineering students work in multi-disciplinary teams on open-ended, team-based projects to meet unaddressed clinical needs and solve challenging healthcare problems. The capstone course is a “studio” course – it uses the IBBME design studio and prototyping suite adopts an approach to student interaction that is hands-on, instructor facilitated, and student-centered.

Design Studio

Prototyping Suite


This experience builds upon earlier coursework by integrating engineering theory and practice within a structured, collaborative environment. Teams assess customer needs and engineering requirements, evaluate concepts, resolve major technical hurdles, and employ rigorous engineering practices to design and build a prototype device or process which is tested and fully documented. Each team is responsible for the technical aspects of the design and project management.


This is a two-semester course that is open to students in the biomedical engineering minor program, other senior engineering students interested in a biomedical projects, and arts & science students interested in working on real clinical problems with engineers. Students have the option of finding a clinical need they are passionate about addressing or linking with clinical partners

This is a one-semester course that is only open to students in the biomedical systems engineering major; engineering science program. Student are linked with clients based at collaborating hospitals (e.g., Hospital for Sick Children)

Interested in Working with Students?

Do you have a healthcare-related problem that you wish you could get at if you had just a little more time?

Consider sending a short description of your problem to and start a dialogue to define a suitable project.

Benefits of sponsoring a student include:

  • Strengthen your connection with IBBME

  • Provide students with valuable, career-relevant experience

  • Enable students to improve their resumes and job prospects

  • Guaranteed funding to support material and space costs for student projects